Case Study

Medical Records

Our Client

A US based Health Service Provider that submits and processes customer health documents at hospitals and health institutions.



Understanding each hospital’s unique processes is crucial to the preparation and submission of a client’s medical documents.  This, coupled with the accurate capturing of each client’s details makes it a very workforce- and time-heavy task.

After a thorough assessment meeting we established that the greatest relief we could offer our client was to take over this process, with the goal to give them the time to focus on their business growth.

Our Solution

By focusing the core team on business growth, the client aligned themselves with Outsource Global as an outsourcing partner to handle the time-consuming administrative side of the process.

 The first port of call was to establish a team and train them in the various hospital protocols, as well as equip them with all the information necessary to comply with each health institution’s requirements in the US.

From here, the team engaged directly with the client’s customers to accurately prepare their medical documents and submitting them according to the respective hospital protocols and processes.

Campaign Successes

Initially we had 3 agents dedicated to this campaign.  Within 2 years we have increased the number of seats to 43.

Currently the team collectively make approximately 1500 calls to customers in the US per day, thereby updating, processing and submitting about the same number of documents on their behalf.

Increasing our clients’ revenue is the driving force behind our team and we do this by relieving pressure in key areas of our clients’ businesses.  Our aim is not only to become a partner, but rather to establish ourselves as a key factor and driving force behind our client’s success.