Case Study

AI as a service

Our Client

A US based Technology Company that is developing an Artificial Intelligence-driven Speech Recognition tool.



The development of speech recognition tools requires the recording of, and accurate transcription of hundreds of hours of voice recordings to build reliable language libraries. This needs to be done in multiple languages.

Because the recording and subsequent transcription of hundreds, if not thousands of hours of recordings take a lot of time and needs a good team of linguistically-skilled people to accurately perform, the solution for our client was to look at partnering with a company that could source the right people with the right linguistic aptitudes, as well as manage the team effectively.

Our Solution

For our client to build an accurate speech recognition tool using Artificial Intelligence, large amounts of audio data needed to be captured and transcribed in various languages.

This requires not only the transcription of existing recordings, but also the recording of customised conversations in various languages across a wide range of topics.

We are able to tap in to our pool of partners skills sets, to accurately deliver on thousands of hours of audio recordings and transcriptions. We are able to deliver on our client’s needs, in the form of looking for reliable partners and also managing them, according to set KPI’s.

Campaign Successes

We successfully created a number of jobs within Nigeria, while reducing the capital outlay and operational costs for our client. Our agents worked, and continue to work efficiently and thoroughly to assist our client in establishing powerful, multi-language speech recognition software.  This is made possible through the recording of, and accurate transcription of audio recordings.

With our dedication to quality, our contribution will enable our client to increase the amount of data collected so as to extract valuable information in order to boost productivity in organizations through automation.

This campaign will play a huge role in perfecting Artificial Intelligence-driven speech recognition tools, and the client will be able to create an adaptive and intuitive tool that does not require human involvement.

Because our focus has always been on ensuring our clients’ success, we continuously endeavour to deliver the highest quality services, whilst looking at ways in which we can exceed expectations.

Our client did not have any additional infrastructure costs, and the sourcing, employment and training of all agents was done by Outsource Global in Nigeria.