Case Study

Customer Service

Our Client

A US based Social Advocacy Company that assists customers who are seeking social security benefits.



Based in North America, our client receives thousands of calls daily from customers seeking social security benefits from the US government due to injury or disability. 

To grow the business whilst keeping their core focus in-house, the solution was to look at an outsourcing partner in the client services department.

Our Solution

For them to scale their operations and have the ability to grow the number of queries they can handle per day, we hand-picked and allocated a dedicated team of agents to the campaign. 

Our first approach was to upskill each of these agents to fully understand the US government legislation around social security benefits and how people with disabilities are affected. Secondly, we trained them on the company’s stringent processes, from applications through to the processing of information.

When incoming calls are routed from the US to our team, our agents are able to resolve queries ranging from in-depth customer file updates to short updates on application statuses.

Campaign Successes

On outset, we dedicated a team of 5 agents to the campaign.  The growing number of calls, together with the success of the campaign, the expansion of our client’s company and the service each customer received, meant that the number of agents on the team grew to 183 seats in just two and a half years.

In 2020 the team collectively handled approximately 3,500 calls per day.

The infrastructure, training and management of the client services division is based entirely in our call center in Nigeria.

And because our entire management team, together with each of our agents, are actively involved in the success of our client’s business development, we continually look for ways to grow our knowledge, grow our team and optimize each aspect of the service our client, and effectively their customers, receive.