Case Study

CX Telecommunications

Solar Appliances Lead Generation

Our Client

Our client is a solar appliance company based in the USA.



Our client’s acquisition strategy is to do outbound cold calls to prospective clients based on a list of leads they generate. The agent objective is to convert the leads into actual in-person product demonstrations done by their team of solar appliance experts.

To facilitate, train and manage a team of outbound calling agents, our client chose to partner with a specialist call centre partner.

Our Solution

Having the right accent, attitude and persuasion techniques is a crucial part of this campaign because our agents are the client’s first impression of their company, and ultimately their products.

We hand-picked each of our agents for this campaign, taught them some valuable sales tactics, and then equipped them with enough knowledge of the US solar industry to successfully convert these leads.

Our agents receive hundreds of leads daily and the calls are made from our premises in Nigeria.

Campaign Successes

When we started with this campaign, we assigned, trained and equipped 3 agents to make the number of calls needed per day. After only 8 months of assisting our client with all their outbound cold calling, we have had to increase the number of seats to 19.

These agents collectively make a few hundred calls per day and effectively schedule dozens of in-person demos per month.

Because we work very closely with each of our client partners to ensure their maximum business potential, we are able to identify opportunities to scale their businesses while carefully considering their overheads and operational costs. Our team is fully committed to the success of each of our clients.

Employment, training and facilitation of all our agents assigned to this campaign is done at our call centre in Nigeria.