Case Study

Information Technology

Software Development

Our Objective

To deliver bespoke web and mobile applications to our clients.



Because we want to service a wide variety of markets worldwide and offer solutions in all types of software development, we have trained a large number of software developers and medium scale developers to International standards.

This addresses each of our clients’ individual needs in terms of bespoke in-house systems, as well as the opportunity to further develop their client service offerings without the financial risk of employment and training.

Our Solution

With the objective of assisting our clients to run their businesses more efficiently, giving them access to real-time data and drastically streamlining their daily operations, we trained a number of agents into specialising in the development of specific software solutions. 

Our solutions give businesses a platform to efficiently collaborate across all departments real-time, while providing total visibility and control across board.

Our first objective was to identify a group of individuals, and then offer training in various software applications, enabling them to provide UI/UX designs, QA testing and Software Development, as well as provide support in Data Training & Image Tagging and IT Support Services.

Further to this, we created and implemented Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems for project management, risk management and automation of core business operations.

Campaign Successes

We have upskilled and trained a large number of software developers to international standards. These developers are now able to give clients across a very wide variety of markets bespoke solutions to their specific business needs.

All the strategizing of projects and systems, together with the training and management of the software development team is based entirely in our call center in Nigeria.

Our management team, together with our team of developers, are always looking at new ways we can benefit our clients and our client business processes, thereby continuously working on strategies to further increase business efficiency through software applications.