Case Study

Legal Campaign

Our Client

Based in the United States, our client is a legal firm consisting of mainly senior lawyers that specialise in matters that appear in court.



Most court cases require the indexing of medical records, preparation of hearing reviews, hearing sheets and medical follow up calls to present to the court and judge. In many cases, the legal team is presented with hundreds of pages of legal documents to work through in order to find the pieces of information most relevant to the case.

To process the information, get all the information needed for each case, as well as make important decisions on how to win the case in court, our client required a partner that can assist with the major administrative work and decision-making.

Our team of junior lawyers work closely with the senior lawyers in the decision-making process and, with the collaboration, the senior lawyers are able to spend more time focused on the revenue generation and the time needed in court.

Our Solution

Outsource Global appointed a team of qualified Nigerian lawyers as legal associates to our client’s team of senior lawyers.  Our team of associates are in charge of obtaining client records, assessing eligibility, indexing the most relevant information, making follow up calls to ascertain authenticity of records where necessary, preparing the hearing sheets and ensuring that the team in the US have all the adequate records for the court hearing.

We not only undertake the administrative tasks, but assist with all the preparations leading up to the court hearing and suggested approaches.

Further to this, our associates sift through legal documents presented to extract the information most appropriate to winning each case.  They then prepare memos that are used by our client in court.

By outsourcing most of the administrative aspects, as well as the employment and management of the team of associates, our client’s team of senior lawyers could focus their attention on revenue generating activities.

Campaign Successes

On outset, our client required 3 junior lawyers to assist their team. They have since grown this team to 70 lawyers based in Nigeria, doubling the number of seats in the last year.

Our solution has enabled our client to save the costs previously intended for employment and payment of salaries and benefits to in-house attorneys and paralegals. Our client further benefits from the convenience of having a skilled, vetted and well-trained team at the onset.

Our junior lawyers have enabled faster case turnaround times, making it possible for our client to handle an increased number of cases consistently.

By doing all the “heavy-lifting”, we have been able to consistently achieve quality, reliable deliverables.

The entire team at Outsource Global is focused on our clients’ success. With this as our core value and principle, we do ongoing strategic gap analyses with our clients to establish ways in which we can help our client partners’ businesses grow, while reducing their operational costs, and increasing workforce productivity.