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We Are

At Outsource Global, we believe in building partnerships with companies worldwide to positively impact the global business services and foster exponential growth. This growth can include higher-value, multi-processing, specialized services and business functions such as Customer service, IT support, software development-as-a-service, legal services, Artificial Intelligence, medical support services, accounting-as-a-service and data management.

By first understanding your business and the functions within the organization, we find ways to reduce operational costs and increase performance with consistent, quality and reliable service delivery.

Our services are tailored to perfectly suit your business needs and preferences, with a focus on service quality, low-cost and scalable solutions. We help our clients become operationally efficient and competitive.

Because we work very closely with each of our client partners to ensure their maximum business potential, we are able to identify opportunities to scale their businesses, whilst carefully considering their overheads and operational costs.

Our team is fully committed to the success of each of our clients.

What We Offer

We are the first ISO compliant commercial delivery center in West Africa, and the first Nigerian international contact center serving the US, UK and Japan markets. We provide first-class contact center services from our ultramodern facilities in Abuja, Kaduna and Lagos. Our services are tailored to perfectly suit our clients’ needs and preferences, with a focus on service quality, low-cost and scalable solutions.

We help our clients become operationally efficient and competitive. We have created over 1000 direct graduate jobs for customer care executives, sales, marketing, tech, accounting, legal practitioners and medical professionals serving the global market. Outsource Global seeks to positively impact the world of business, by fostering exponential growth.

We are fully committed to empowering women to develop the skills, knowledge and financial status necessary to elevate their standard of living. We also focus on recruiting economically and physically challenged individuals, bringing them into a competitive, career-focused workforce.

Outsource Global provides accent localization and training so all our agents speak to customers in their respective local accents. Our agents join us with the knowledge that we offer solid career paths, ongoing training and continuous upskilling, to enable them to evolve from telemarketing into specialized, niche services.

Sectors we serve

Information Technology

Social Advocacy







Financial Services

Our Core values


With a strong moral compass, our colleagues and customers can expect complete honesty and transparency at all times.


High Standards

Our ethos is built on a superb work ethic. We bring our best self to work every day.

Measurable Impact

We obsess over serving our customers and aim to create partnerships that expediates growth.


Constant Improvement

We value and encourage personal growth and we are aggressive towards meeting our goals.

Our affiliates

Outsource Global is affiliated with BlueTag Group, a federation of inter-related independently run high-technology companies emphasizing long-term capital gains and growth through consistent investment in people, strategy, innovation, institutionalization and products.

Let us grow together.