At Outsource Global, we take business processes off the shoulders of companies worldwide from our operational centers across Nigeria. Driven by our passion to make Africa the premier outsourcing destination for various sectors of the economy, we aim to provide jobs to any Nigerian who is ready to put forward a strong work ethic and grow their professional experience


Our Team

More Than Just A Work Place

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Aisha E.Y Usman

CS Team Lead Kaduna, Joined 1 March 2017

My experience at Outsource Global so far has been awesome. I love that I’m encouraged to try new things out and be innovative and if it doesn’t work out I’m supported in learning lessons, dusting myself off, and trying again. There is a sense that we are working towards a grand achievable vision and I proudly see us making strides towards it every day.
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Adekoya Emmanuel Seyi

Team Lead, Joined 22 August 2017

Joining Outsource Global was a result of a drive to broaden my experience in the customer service management industry. Outsource Global provides me with a platform to experience personal growth in areas of multi-tasking, team building, leadership, mentorship, and global collaboration. I’m proud to say that this was a good choice.
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Ruth Orkar

Client Operations Manager, Joined 24 October 2016

My experience working with Outsource Global has been an awesome journey over the years. I have learned so many things in a short period and have gotten the opportunity to grow within the company. I was drawn to work at this company because of its professionalism, great expertise, and company culture. I have had the great privilege of working with a great team. Most importantly, I get to fulfill my passion every day by mentoring and helping others.
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Agatha Akpebele

PQ Agent Kaduna, Joined 23 May 2018

Working at Outsource Global in the past months has been enlightening for me. It is a dynamic and challenging environment for young people like me who are interested in making a difference in the lives of others. From the daily team huddles to the commitment of every employee, we all at Outsource Global are invested in making a difference and affecting the lives of those who are most in need of our services. With the conducive working environment, easy-to-talk-to Team Leads, wonderful co-operation among all agents, working here has given me a glimpse of what it means to have a system that works.

Jennifer Ekeh

Supervisor, Joined 1 March 2017

I really enjoy working at Outsource Global. I joined Outsource Global to learn about customer service. I ended up learning so much more. I have acquired other professional skills such as management, leadership, interpersonal skills, multitasking, creativity, and so on. I like Outsource because it gives me room to grow, overcome your fears, and to do things I never thought I could. Outsource Global has an amazing community. I have grown as a person, a professional, and as a leader.
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Halima Adaora Umar

CS Agent Abuja, Joined 5 January 2018

After listening to a very influential and heart moving presentation by the CEO of Outsource Global, Mrs. Amal Hassan, at a conference in Kano, I couldn’t help but start researching about how to join the company. With the current employment difficulties in the country, I finally found an organization where I could put my communication and English-speaking skills to use. Working at the company has greatly improved my confidence, problem-solving, and communication skills. I have also grown from a novice to an expert at customer service due to the series of training and on the job experience. I am also happy to say I have become part of an amazing family of hardworking Nigerians.
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Sadiya Shehu

Team Lead, Joined April 2016

I joined Outsource Global in March 2017, out of two things, the need for a job and my admiration for customer service. I’ve learned many things such as: being effective as both an individual and a team player, time management, people management, giving timely constructive feedback, and being open to feedback.
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Marbiya Hanga

HR Associate, Joined 16 June 2016

I joined Outsource Global because I wanted to contribute to the development of the company. I love my job because I have the ability to help people, provide answers to their inquiries, and give them the opportunity to add value to themselves and their careers. My experience has taught me how to bring out the best in myself.

Make Your Move

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