Our tailored solutions

Outsource Global is well-aware that it costs less to maintain business relationships than form new ones. This motivates us to form long-lasting relationships between you and your customersBy demonstrating a profound understanding of your customers, Outsource Global offers effective and pragmatic solutions that help you focus on your core business.

We offer Multiple Level Service and Support
Level 1: Solution to standard problems through proven processes.
Level 2: Providing support to more complex issues via inbound, outbound calling, emails and SMS.
Level 3: Priority and escalation support.


Customer Services

We have a state-of-the-art data centre that receives thousands of calls around the clock. The data centre is powered by an automated power system with a dedicated transformer, 250KVA generator, solar panels and inverter/UPS providing uninterrupted power supply in accordance with international standards as well as 99.9% uptime and stability. Our technology is primarily fibre optics backed with microwave transmission allowing for a seamless phone and network connection to the call centre.

Our Applications

Our application is a world-class, US based software. It is an on premise solution that is very safe, secure, controlled, powerful and easy to use. It features outbound, inbound, recording, monitoring and transfer, and third-party verification. It is also customized for telesales, customer service and verification. Our platforms are Voice, data, chat, SMS, email, and social media.