What We Do

At Outsource Global, we deploy the best in class technology to meet the needs of our clients. Our solutions are at the cutting edge of contact centre business & knowledge process outsourcing. We have deep vertical expertise and a unique understanding of industry specific needs, built up from thousands of hours of campaigns.

We put our clients at the heart of everything we do, and deliver robust customer support solutions that span every segment of the customer value chain.

Our contact centre-based client engagement platform serves as single point of contact with multi-channel, multi-lingual and online/offline capabilities for all callers to access services, request help, lodge complaints, report threats and provide feedback on the quality of services they get.

We at Outsource Global recognize the fact that customer experience does not end with a contact centre alone. It begins with it. Customer experience also encompasses other business processes that are conducted in the back office, like processing and preparation of service requests, appointment scheduling, providing on-the-field support and assistance, and other related logistics

Our Different Service Models

In order to help organizations reduce costs, enhance efficiency and improve customer satisfaction, Outsource Global offers different service models that allow organizations provide cutting edge customer support services in a cost effective and operationally efficient way. These services include toll-free, pay-as-you-call, as well as premium services.

Our Work

Our customers include communications regulators, broadcast regulators, financial institutions, healthcare providers, agribusiness development incorporations, legal bodies, media companies and social security advocacy providers across the UK, USA and Africa.

  • Telesales: Our agents made cold calls to recruit new registrants onto the client’s platform for social security disability advocacy in the United States. Our agents used a pre-prepared script, to see if potential registrants met the set qualifications. Our agents were empowered to leverage creativity in dialogue on a case-by-case basis.
  • Contact Centre: Our agents answered incoming customer service calls from customers who had questions regarding the status of their application with the client’s service. Our agents were trained on a vast number of areas across the client’s business, so that they were properly equipped to answer a vast range of caller inquiries.
  • Healthcare: Our agents summarized, edited, and submitted documentation to hospitals and healthcare institutions across the USA.
  • Legal: Our agents are all practicing lawyers, who helped prepare cases for legal teams across the USA. Our agents sifted through hundreds of pages of documentation, to extract the most relevant points, to prepare for court hearings. They analyzed medical reports, and identified important findings to support clients’ disability claims. Across US court hearings, lawyers used the information provided by Outsource Global agents, to defend the disabled citizens.
  • Social Media: Our content writers, drafted content to help our client with their online social media presence. Our talent significantly improved client search engine optimization.
  • Telecom: Our team answered incoming calls from customers, complaining about their mobile phone service providers. Our agents documented the complaints, and escalated cases service providers couldn’t resolve.
  • Customer Service: Our team operated as customer service representatives for a bank. Our agents resolved issues related to internet banking, and customer onboarding.

Our Value Proposition

  • Low Cost: Outsource Global offer cost reductions of up to 70% We consistently offer lower prices than any other territory globally. Whilst our prices are low, the quality and efficiency of our service is high, ensuring that low costs do not mean low quality.
  • Productivity: Outsourcing will empower clients to focus on core activities. Outsource Global have built up practical methods and methodologies to enhance productivity, over achieve on set goals, and leverage sector innovation to drive results.
  • Experienced Staff: Our team have been coached by industry leaders, absorbing thousands of hours of upskilling and best practice. Our team are equipped with the capability to understand business objectives and customer expectations. Deploying years of experience, best practice and expertise to delivering complex solutions.
  • Scalability: Spikes in sales and customer service demand, are easily catered for with our team of 700 agents. With surplus capacity to accommodate 2000 agents, via our existing infrastructure, clients can rest be assured that we can deliver.
  • Reduction in Infrastructure spend: Outsourcing eliminates the need for significant investment in infrastructure setup. Outsource Global already have the necessary teams, and technology to deploy.

Service-Related Benefits

  • Direct increase in employee productivity, through the use of automation, and the streamlining of manual tasks.
  • Provision of direct operational link between clients and their customers for seamless, timely, and effective service delivery.
  • Our robust platform comes with a 24/7 accessible database, that provides seamless links between our contact centre and back offices, to manage tasks scheduling and assignments.
  • Improved customer satisfaction ratings resulting from the streamlining of back office tasks such as application approval, document processing and delivery.
  • Increase in productivity and efficiency through the use of automation and the streamlining of manual tasks needed for forecasting and the management of resource capacity.

Operational Capabilities

Our physical facilities include: hardware, software, and telecom infrastructure necessary to enable the smooth operations of our MFA contact centre. Our contact centers are located in Abuja, Lagos and Kaduna, each is equipped with:

Physical Infrastructure:

  1. Premises & Furniture
  2. Locker facility for the employees
  3. Electric fittings like lighting, air-conditioning, fans etc.
  4. Cabling for both data and power
  5. Power connection with power back up and UPS
  6. Security systems: including access control system, CCTV with camera, provision of security guards, smoke detectors, fire detectors and other general security alert systems
  7. Standard firefighting systems
  8. Basic amenities: water, refreshment rooms, canteen facility
  9. Training rooms with furniture, projector and screen
  10. Workstations, cubicles, chairs, etc., constructed / provided to suit an ideal Contact Centre
  11. Space for our client’s team when needed.

Hardware, software, telecom infrastructures:

  1. PRI/SIP lines for both inbound and outbound calls
  2. CMS (Call Manager System)
  3. Dialer
  4. Voice Logger
  5. Personal computers (without USB and other copying devices)
  6. USB Headphones
  7. IP Phones
  8. Cabling – data and power.
  9. Voice Integration through a standard CTI solution for popping up customer dashboard.
  10. Standard security system / network security solutions and firewalls
  11. Authorized internet connections
  12. The Hardware and software shall be compatible with client’s existing systems and we will ensure successful integration with these systems where necessary

Human Resource Requirements

We use call centre solutions such as workforce management, chat, case management, email management, and quality monitoring, for optimizing human resources. We have a ready and capable pool of well trained and experienced agents, with outstanding communication and organizational skills, to outperform on KPI’s. Our manpower resources consist of the following:

  1. Agents
  2. Team Leaders
  3. Supervisors
  4. Managers
  5. Quality Control Managers
  6. IT Support and Software Engineers
  7. Facility Support (Technicians, cleaners, canteen staff etc.)
  8. Security Guards
  9. Drivers

Outsource Global seeks to provide positive social impact and embraces its responsibility to recruit highly-talented, economically and physically challenged individuals. We offer all employees growth opportunities in a competitive, career-focused workforce. In a bid to promote an inclusive organization, our workforce diversity reflects the following:

  • 50% of our workforce are women
  • 90% of our Team leads are women
  • Our workforce comprises of people with physical disabilities

Language Requirements

Outsource Global is capable of providing call agents in all major languages with impeccable proficiency. The Agent allocation among languages will be decided based on caller needs and preferences and clients can request the introduction of more languages of the choice.


We have 24/7 operations, that are flexible and tailored to client needs. Our call centre will be available to customers 365 days a year, including national holidays, Sundays, etc. Our full operational team, including agents, team leaders, supervisors and managers will be available during this period of time.