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Innovative Contact Centre and BPO Operator of the Year - 2018 NiTa

Our services

Efficiency for growth

Data Training

Creating successful models require intelligent algorithms that can read and interpret data. From chat bots to transport automation and sentiment analysis projects, your data must properly labelled and rich enough to power your algorithms.

Image Tagging

All organisations need properly labelled images, especially when those data will be uploaded on the internet where they will compete with trillions of other content forms.

Software Development

All businesses need different forms of technology to survive this digital age.

Remote Sales & Back Office Outsourcing

As a company's client base grows, more demand is placed on it to deliver on its core competencies, while ensuring that clients remain satisfied throughout the transaction period and beyond.

Market Research

Ever had to carry out a survey across continents or regions?
Imagine having to manage the number of staff that would be required to deliver on the survey process at the detriment of core organisational functions.

Human resource management

Several elements of personnel management require a significant amount of time to manage. For global organisations with multiple branches across countries, outsourcing parts or all of their human resource functions is the most financially viable option.

Sectors We Serve

  • FMCG
  • Information Technology
  • Financial services
  • Telecommunications
  • SME
  • Consultancy
  • Manufacturing
  • Government

Our Clients

Selected sectors from our pool of partner clients across the UK, USA and Africa:
  • Leading Social Security Advocacy Provider In The United States
  • Engineering and Information Technology companies
  • Broadcasting and Communications Regulators
  • Agribusiness Development Incorporations
  • Premier Online Social Media And Social Networking Service Company
  • Prominent Banks in Africa
  • Leading Healthcare Providers